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About me

by Angela

Welcome to Kustom Couture!

My name is Angela and I live in the Paris area. A bit of a geek, often (too) connected, I’m a creative hobby lover who always wants to create. I draw my inspiration from the street, magazines and Pinterest which I am completely addicted to…

Why did I create the Kustom Couture blog?

I started handmade at a very young age because I used to assist my mother when she was sewing. When I grew up, I chose to study fashion, during which I designed, created, sewed by machine and by hand… I did not follow this path but the passion remained and was mixed with my professional activity: digital. When I continued my studies in communication and digital, I learned to create websites, blogs … And then came this idea: Why not create my own blog, I can share my customization and sewing creations?

That’s how at the end of 2011, I made my first appearance on the web to share my passion. When I created Kustom Couture, I only shared tutorials to sew and customize clothes, accessories … over the years I became interested in DIY (do-it-yourself) in general, which allows me to also offer tutorials to create and / or customize the home decor.

What is on the blog?

The main topic of the blog is DIY. I propose you fashion DIY tutorials to customize your wardrobe and make it unique, create accessories inspired by the trends of the moment, DIY home decorations to personalize your home, good shopping tips DIY.

What are the DIY levels?

I offer DIYs for all levels of creators and have chosen to split my DIYs into three categories:

  • Easy DIY for Beginners : these are DIYs for which there is no need for hand or machine sewing. Generally, I use glue, scissors… but no sewing skills are required. It can be scrapbooking, simple fashion customization, home decor DIY…
  • DIY Medium Difficulty: all DIY that require hand sewing as fashion customization with beads, buttons, lace …
  • DIY Experts: all the DIY where the use of the sewing machine is necessary. In this level, I propose DIY like sewing a bag, a skirt, customizing a jacket by changing its sleeves.

Frequency of publication

Unfortunately, I don’t post as often as I’d like. I stick to once a week: Mondays. My professional life being busy and then the time to find a new DIY idea and create… I would like to be able to publish more often for the moment it is not possible 🙁


Since March 2022, this blog is also available in English. In the French version, you will find several articles posted since the creation of Kustom Couture in 2012 but my goal is to translate all the old DIYs into English little by little and tomorrow into Portuguese.


Since the creation of the blog, I had the opportunity to set up several partnerships: Creavea, Creapause, Perles & Co… They allowed me to propose contests with attractive prizes, to test new hobby products to make my DIY. In general, the partners offer me products that I have previously selected to make the tutorial I want to create and share on the blog.


For the photos, I use a Panasonic Lumix GF6. All photos published on this blog are my property (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be used without my permission. By the way, thanks to Marie-Lou for the portrait photos!


You can contact me by email kustomcouture@yahoo.fr or find me on social networks.

I hope you enjoy this blog!

Angela du blog DIY Kustom Couture